Verifying ID

1. Take Real-Time ID Image

In the ID verification step, you will take an image of the ID document and AI will extract text data from the image. To prevent ID theft, our first rule is to take the image in real-time. For AI to well-recognize and well-extract the data, the image needs a little bit of padding around as shown in the example above.
Once the ID image is submitted, the AI-read data will show up. Check if it's right, or correct it by typing in if there are any errors. Even though the page is returned with all blanks, it is okay! You can fill in the blanks by yourself.

2. Upload ID Image

ARGOS provides upload methods other than real-time capture. But the choice is up to the SERVICE PROVIDER, not users.
If you see the 'Upload Button', it means the project is uploadable. This option is for the situations when your camera doesn't work like the example. Touch the plus button, choose a image from your phone gallery and submit.

3. How to Take Appropriate Picture

An OCR AI, which extracts text from image, works during the ARGOS KYC process. There are a few conditions for this AI to work well, first is that the image should contain a bit of margin around the rectangle for AI to recognize the ID card. As the example in the middle, if you take a picture too closely, you might encounter empty blanks at next procedure. In this case, fill in the empty cells by yourself and continue the process.
The second condition is that it should be clear enough to recognize texts and face. If it's too blurry, your KYC might be rejected.

4. Set Camera Permission

ARGOS KYC uses web camera of a browser, so there is possible chance of encounter an unexpected error. If your camera does not work, you'd better first check the 'permission'.

4-1. When Browser Asks

If your browser asks you for a permission(the example is Chrome), touch for 'While using the app' or 'Only this time'.

4-2. Check at the App Options

To check the permission of the browser app, press and hold the icon of the app. When the 'Shortcut' pops up, touch the exclamation mark to move to 'App Info'. Allow permission by 'App permissions - Camera - Allow only while using the app(or Ask every time)'.
Last modified 2mo ago