Authentication Method

Authenticity verification is one of powerful aids of preventing counterfeit identification, mainly processed in three ways.

Authentication Method

MRT: Checks machine-readable zone if they are written in promised format.

Data Matching: Compares the data from machine-readable zone and human-readable zone and check if they match.

Database Check: Compares the ID info with issuing authority's database.

Authentication will run when all the required parameters are received. Missing one parameter won't trigger the process. When submitted via liveform, it will automatically differ depending on the project option but with API submission, please check the required parameters. For the required parameters by ID types, refer to the 'Authentication Input Data' page.

※Passports are authenticated with OCR AI scan result, without separate parameter.

Scope of Support

Issuing CountryID TypeMethod





Driver's License

MRT, Data Matching


Government ID, Drivers License, Alien Card

Database Check



MRT, Database Check

South Korea

Authentication Data Source

ID TypeData SourceHomepage

Government ID


Ministry of the Interior and Safety

Drivers License

Korean Notional Police Agency


Ministry of Foreign Affaris

Alien Card

Hi Korea

Collecting Full-RRN Number Option

For authentication of government ID and alien card, last 7 digits of RRN(Resident Registration Numbers) are required. Check yourself if your business has permission to collect RRN, then set project option. To set the option, please contact Helpdesk.

※Authentication for passport and drivers license will be processed regardless of RRN collection.

Korean Government ID Caution

When verifying Korean government ID(Jumin-deunglogjeung), if you enter the wrong info 5 times, the account will be blocked and further verification is not possible till the user unlock it.

When the account is locked, the identity owner itself(user) should visit below site and have to unlock.

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