'Liveform', one of the KYC submission methods, is a unique submission page created by ARGOS. Let's find out the the features.

1. Should be prcessed on mobile devices

Liveform is designed for mobile enviroment. If you access to liveform via PC, a QR code will show up to swich the device.

2. It will open a new browser tab

Liveform will open a new tab on a browser. It will commence with the default app, you may need to check out the name of the browser or camera permission.

3. Real-time image capture

While proceeding KYC, we need two images - ID and selfie. To prevent image forgery, Liveform takes real-time image capture as principal rules. Thus, it needs a mobile device with camera and permission to access to the camera. Upload method may be acceptable depending on the option.

4. Auto focus

ARGOS KYC features auto focus on its camera. No more efforts to take clear image from user side, we will handle it clear.

5. Simple address verification(*Optional)

ARGOS intergrated global address into ONE way. Search to move the map, touch and pin on the map. ※Address verification may not be proceed depending on the project option.