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What is KYC(Know Your Customer)?

KYC: Non-face-to-face customer identification verification is a process of verifying the identity of a customer during the onboarding process.
As the importance of online space grows in overall areas such as education, e-commerce, and sharing economy as well as finance, how to control users' anonymity has begun to remain a big task for service providers. This is because the past way, employees and customers check their ID cards face to face, not only takes a lot of time but also acts as a big hurdle from the perspective of customer experience.

Why do you need ARGOS KYC?

The AI-based automated KYC provided by ARGOS KYC is a great solution for both service providers and users to win-win. We provide accurate information to service providers and users with an easy and fast experience.
Anyone with an ID can submit their identity verification online anytime, anywhere with ARGOS KYC. Users can prove their identification in real-time whenever he wants to without visiting branch offices on time or having face-to-face with employees through video calls.
Argos KYC Service Overview

1) Real-time KYC processing

Real-time identity verification is an important criterion for raising customer satisfaction to an incomparably high level. ARGOS KYC Ver 2.0 automatically processes KYC. Therefore, users can be onboard in real-time. With submissions of accurate ID cards and selfie pictures, users can check the results without having to wait for the processor's inspection.

2) Technical support

ARGOS KYC also provides AI-based service that combines OCR data extraction, face recognition, liveness verification, and fraud detection technology. The service increases user convenience and data accuracy through OCR data extraction and reduces the risk of identity theft through face recognition, liveness, and forgery detection technology support.

3)Global ID support

ARGOS KYC supports auto-process of IDs issued from more than 210 countries around the world. It recognizes government-issued ID cards, passports, and driver's licenses issued in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Oceania and extracts information.

4)KYC and AML combined service

With ARGOS KYC, not only KYC but also AML screening is available at once. ARGOS KYC provides a global AML database. Save resources on manpower and cost by using integrated services without having to install and operate each service separately!

5) Multilingual text OCR

ARGOS KYC supports 94 multi-languages.
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