KYC Status

There are 4 types of KYC status: Approved, Rejected, Pending, Incomplete.


Approved means KYC process has been successfully completed and ID verification is done.


Rejected means KYC process has been completed but failed to pass the verification. Rejected users should start over the process from the beginning. Check Reject Comment Code page for details.


Pending is where KYC has failed to meet auto-process condition and waiting for manual review. KYC will stay at 'Pending' status for temporary period(10 min average) before the agent approve or reject it.


Incomplete means unfinished KYC. To complete KYC, users generally submit two images, one ID image and one selfie image in order. During this process if user stops, the KYC remains as 'Incomplete', it mainly happens at 3 cases as below.

  1. Only ID image submitted: it will stay as 'Incomplete' since there isn't sufficient data to verify identity.

  2. Selfie image submitted but stopped at retry: if it fails at face compare or liveness check, we provide two more 'retry' chances. If user exits while these process it will stay as 'Incomplete' at first, turn into 'Rejected' after about 2 hours.

  3. Authentication Failed: if it's an ID to process authentication, it is also possible to stay at 'Incomplete' after it has passed ID submission and selfie verification. Authentication also provides retry chance, it will also turn the KYC into 'Rejeced' after 2 hours.

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