Getting Started

1. Check your device

ARGOS KYC is optimized for mobile devices, thus the way to start KYC may defer by your phone. When accessed through mobile(smartphone, tablet ...), it will directly open a submission page. But when a PC tries to open the link, it will generate a QR code. Switch your device, scan the code with camera app. It will open the submission page.

2. Check the browser

For seamless process, we recommend using the 7 browsers shown above. Touching the 'Start KYC' button will activate your default browser. If your default browser is not on the list, copy the URL, paste it to the recommended ones.

3. Getting Started

Once the liveform is opened, touch the button on the right upper side to change the language if necessary.

Type in your email address, check the box to agree on privacy policy.

Next, choose the exact type of your ID card. We categorize ID as passport, driver's license and government ID. The government ID excludes passport and driver's license. Your correct choice will help the AI to recognize the ID.

Then, it's for the 'issuing country' this time. Issuing country is different from nationality, select the country who produced the ID document.

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