KYC Options

Account Occupancy - South Korea

'Account Occupancy - South Korea' option can be set in the 'Settings' tab of the dashboard. When it's activated, a user who has an ID issued from South Korea will go through this bank account verification process after the Step1 checking ID part, and will continue the next step.

Automatic Verification (beta)

You can set this option when you want to get instant result only.

If this option is 'ON', KYCs with 'pending' status will be rejected automatically. Users will have to resubmit KYC till they are auto-approved, each attempt will create a new submission.

Allow File Upload

'Allow File Upload' is for a camera error when using Liveform. We are trying to test as many cases as possible, but there are still a chance of unexpected issues depending on the mobile devices and browsers.

Anti Fraud

ID Card: Validation

At ID validation step, we check 2 things.

ARGOS has a database of ID document from around the world. They are used to see all the designated information for the ID is presented and if the document contains all required info for ID verification.

Second, we check if there's any sign of ID fraud. By detecting screen to prevent the use of someone else's identification card photo or any evidence of text alteration or light reflection in the identification card.

If you do not wish to use this feature, please check 'No'.

Selfie: Liveness check

Liveness verifies if user is submitting re-recording facial image which is taken from other video or image to impersonate someone else.

If you do not wish to use this feature, please check 'No'.

Blacklist Country

'Blacklist Country' filters countries based on the country the ID is issued from, and it is like saying 'We do not accept KYC from user who has ID issued from those country".

Blacklist country is generally set for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, 'Black and Grey List' countries are often listed in accordance with FATF guideline.

Reject Duplicate User

We are trying to provide features to filter duplicate users(abusing user). When this 'Reject Duplicate User' option is on, we clarify the same user by the combination of name, birthdate, gender, nationality, and face on ID. If the same user is detected, the user will go through till the end of submission process but will be automatically rejected.

Privacy Shield

If you need to hide users' privacy on the dashboard page, turn on the 'Privacy Shield' option.

As the example shown above, it will blur the ID image, ID number(RRN for Korean) and license number.

Age Limit

Set this option when you need age limitation.

Prevent Duplicate Period

This period is to prevent duplicate submissions, users with approval or rejection record won't be able to submit KYC for the set period. If 0 is entered, the feature will be disabled. Users can set the duration between 1 and 365 days. Users can be distinguished by the following five.


The history will be filtered by user's email, a popup will stop the process at the very beginning of KYC.

IP Address

The history will be filtered by user's IP address, a popup will stop the process at the very beginning of KYC.

Local Storage Key

Filtering user with local storage key is only available when KYC is submitted via Liveform(It won't work for API submissions) and automatically processed(approved, rejected). To explain this in simple words, it distinguishes the device. When attempt is detected from the same device, a popup will stop the process at the beginning of KYC. *If multiple users need to submit KYC from the same device, please uncheck 'Local Storage'.

Identity Info

Verify user by the same ID info. After scanning the ID image, we check if there is the same personal info(name, date of birth, gender, nationality) record for the project. It runs right after the selfie capturing, a popup will stop the process from here.

Identity Number

Verify user by the ID number(Personal number) on ID. It runs right after the selfie capturing, a popup will stop the process from here.

*To activate this option for Korean ID, it needs further setting for regulation issue. Contact Helpdesk.

ID Types

Set KYC-available users by the type of ID they are holding. ARGOS categories global ID type as below.

ID Type(EN)


Driver's License

Government ID

Residence Permit

Vehicle Registration Certificate




Korean ID Only - Masking RRN Rear Number

Auto mask is now available only for Korean IDs, it is intended to comply with the relevant laws. With this option on, six digits from the back will be blurred, except for the first digit representing gender.

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