Introduction (KYC)

ARGOS provides services to help you to identify Anyone Anywhere Anytime! Provide simple KYC implementation for identity verification.​

KYC(Know Your Customer)

AI-Powered Identity Verification

ARGOS KYC empowers clients to deliver a seamless digital onboarding experience. Build your identity management system around your business goals and offer your customers a smooth, hassle-free KYC experience.

ARGOS KYC Service Features

1. ID Document Check

-ARGOS KYC provide Template OCR -ARGOS global ID database supports ID documents from 210+ countries

2. Biometric Check

-AI-powered face recognition and comparison. -Liveness check(ISO 30107 Level 1 & 2 certified).

3. Proof of address Check

-Verify KYC applicant’s residential address -Supported documents: tax bills, bank statements, utility bills, rent agreements, etc.​

​AML(Anti Money Laundering)

Watch List Screening

ARGOS AML Screening delivers relevant, timely and accurate AML & CFT data from credible sources. We enable our clients to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Why do I need AML screening?

1. Compliance with international AML standards

  • Following international AML standards set by FATF, it is becoming increasingly important to comply with anti-money laundering laws and to determine money laundering and terrorist financing risks prior to establishing a business relationship.

  • ARGOS AML database includes global sanctions lists and information on global politically exposed persons(PEPs) and their associates.

  • Our database also includes reputational risk.

Why ARGOS AML Screening?

​​🌎Most up-to-date global AML database​​ ⏲Get real-time AML reports on risk profiles​​ 🤹ARGOS AML screening supports multiple languages​

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