KYC Result Check

KYC’s result

1. Approved: KYC approved *If the extracted OCR data from the ID image and the value entered by the user match, and the face of the selfie image matches the face of the ID card, KYC will be automatically approved.
2. Rejected: KYC rejected
3. Pending: The result is held for manual inspection because the auto-approval/rejection conditions are not met. *ARGOS supports manual inspection by KYC experts 24 hours for every 365 days.
4. Incomplete: Occurs when an appropriate selfie is not submitted. Case 01: KYC with only ID image, no selfie submitted.

How to check the result of KYC

1. KYC dashboard:

Access the dashboard page, create an account, and apply for permission. The very first access should be given through Helpdesk, after this process, anyone with permission can give access to their members.

2. API Call

The result can be checked using the Get Submission API. API key and submitter's email or submission_ID are required to use API.
* Inquiring with submission_ID, only that case will be returned, and inquiring with an e-mail address, a number of results can be shown up.

3. Webhook

KYC and AML results can be sent through webhook notifications. If you want to use it, please forward the webhook URL to HELPDESK.