KYC General


Where can I get the needed information to start?

At the dashboard - 'Setting' tab, API key and Liveform URL are displayed.

What is 'Incomplete' status?

'Incomplete' means literally un-finished status. To complete a KYC, applicants need to submit ID image and face image sequentially. While submitting nessasary data, when users stop to proceed, the submission remains as 'Incomplete' and it occurs in two main cases.
  1. 1.
    Only ID image submitted: Data required to process a KYC is not collected so it remains as 'Incomplete'.
  2. 2.
    Face image submitted but stopped at 'retry' process: When failed at face compare of liveness check, Argos provide 2 additinal 'retry' chance. If a user leaves at this process, it also remains as 'Incomplete'. But data required to process a KYC is submitted so after about 24 hours, it turns to 'Rejected'.

Why is a KYC being rejected?

KYC can be rejected automatically or manually, main reasons are as follows:

Auto Reject Reason

  1. 1.
    Multiple invalid KYC attempts: When failed at face confirmation.(Different face, face not detected, Liveness check fail etc..)
  2. 2.
    KYC rejected due to timeout: When 'Incomplete' submissions turn into 'Rejected'. *If KYC process is abandoned after face confirmation process, the submission remains as 'Incomplete'.
  3. 3.
    Inacceptable ID type:When un-designated type of ID is submitted, the condition is set as project option(Passport, Driver's License, Government ID)
  4. 4.
    According to the policy, we do not accept KYC from {country}: When KYC is submitted with blacklist(follows project option) country issued ID.
  5. 5.
    We do not accept KYC anyone under {13} years old: When KYC is submitted by a user under the age limit(follows project option).

Manual Reject Reason

  1. 1.
    Fail to read the ID image: When ID image is not clear enough to read with naked eyes due to light smudging, ID damage, image quality etc...
  2. 2.
    Invalid ID document: When ID is not acceptable due to lack of information(name, date of birth), expiration, unsupported language etc...
  3. 3.
    ID document not detected: When an image of something else other than an ID is submitted.


Condition of a valid ID?

  • Face photo, full name, birth year and date: ID with only birth year, without month and day, will be rejected.
  • Should be printed among Alphabet, 한글, 漢字, 日本語, Кириллица: Handwritten ID will be rejected.
  • Must not be expired.
  • Should be issued from the government: Employee ID cars, student cards are not acceptable.
  • Characters should be recognizable.

For better ID OCR extraction?

  • The image should be clear without light reflection or holographic reflection.
  • ID image should have a little bit of padding.

When face is different from ID?

Generally, we do not accept an ID as valid that is too old to compare face. When it is hard to compare face with an ID, please guide users to try KYC with the latest ID card.