Checking the Result

It seems that webhooks are not coming in real-time.

ARGOS notifies KYC approval/rejection/pending/AML results in real-time webhooks. We are doing our best to provide stable service, but there may be problems with webhook transmission due to unexpected errors.

If you use webhooks as a trigger for customer information updates, you may want to add a supplementary logic to update the data through API query for submissions where webhooks for 'kyc.result' have not been received for a certain period of time.

Multiple data response for one user(email)

It is possible to get multiple KYC data for one user account(when querying with email). To reduce customer confusion and operate KYC efficiently, it is necessary to consider which data to select.

Generally, it is not recommended to use the most recent submission or to link web hook data with user information. This is because when multiple KYC submissions are made, the results may come out in the order of approval -> rejection, and submissions in the "incomplete" status may be changed to "rejected" after about several hours, resulting in delayed webhooks indicating that KYC has been rejected.

Therefore, our recommendation is to link the (most recently) approved KYC data.

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