Request URL

curl -X GET "{resourceId}"
  • Returns an application/pdf report of AML screening result.

  • AML report is provided for each 'resourceId'.

  • 'resourceId' is required to download an AML report.

  • Get 'resourceId' through GET/Submission API.

Input Data

* means required parameters.



'resourceId' is a unique number of a person screened as a result of AML screening.

'resourceId' can be found if a submission is screened for AML Red-Flag.

Each matching AML screening result has a unique 'resourceId'.

One submission may have multiple matches; therefore, multiple 'resourceId'.

Output Data

As a response, 'report.pdf' file format of the report will be downloaded.


Sample Request

curl --location --request GET '{resourceId}' \
--header 'x-api-key: {yourAPIKey}'

Sample Response

A file will be downloaded.

*file name: report.pdf

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