Getting Started

How to Use Liveform URL

ARGOS provides Liveform, a unique submission page for each project, in the form of a URL. The URL can be found on the dashboard.

When proceeding with KYC using Liveform, there are two methods available.

Firstly, when the service is conducted on a PC, opening the Liveform URL will display a QR code. When the user scans the QR code with a mobile device, the Liveform opens in the mobile web browser.

In cases where the service is conducted on mobile, please open the URL directly on the mobile device. The Liveform will open in the web browser.

*If you are building the front page directly and submitting the KYC via API, please refer to the Submit Via API page.


  • You can submit your customer's KYC form data using the ARGOS API and check the progress of KYC.

  • The ARGOS API uses RESTful Endpoints and the default HTTP Method.

  • The response data contains the status of the request and possible error codes.

  • All response data is provided as JSON format.

  • Use token authentication.

  • All requests must be made in HTTPS. HTTP requests will fail.


  • To get started with API, you need a valid Key. Please obtain an API key at the dashboard.

  • The API uses Token-based authentication.

Authenticate with HTTP Headers

You can send your API key with your query as an HTTP header. The API Key should be included in the method request header as 'x-api-key: {yourAPIKey}'.

curl -H "x-api-key: {yourAPIKey}" ""

API Gateway Error

API Request Limit

  • 5,000 calls per second

  • 500,000 calls per a day

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