ARGOS ID Process

ARGOS ID process flows as in the image below.

  1. Creating ARGOS ID(Complete KYC)

  2. Verify wallet address

  3. Consent to provide data to the third party

Users have to resume from the unfinished step. If a user already has an ARGOS ID but has not connected the wallet address yet, the user will need to start from 'Verify Wallet' process.

For better understanding of ARGOS ID, it will help a lot to distinguish 'ARGOS ID(argosid)' and 'consent ID(consent_id)'.

ARGOS ID is unique 16 character code which is created at the KYC approval moment, given to someone with the same name, date of birth, gender and nationality. On the other hand, consent ID is created at the moment when a user approves that 'It's good to pass my data'.

Let's take an example of a user named 'John Doe'. He was given with an ARGOS ID 'AB12-C34D-5EF6-78GH' after KYC approval, he is able to occupy only 'ONE' ARGOS ID, he will retrieve the same ID even after withdrawal and data deletion.

If Mr. Doe is willing to register for 'Service A', he will have to connect all 5 wallet address and make permit data transfer. At this moment, a consent ID 'z1y2x3w4v5u6t7' is created and his personal information including wallet address shall be transmitted.

To register for 'Service B', his ARGOS ID has all the needed information, so he will directly move to the 'user consent' process. At this time, another consent ID 'a9b8c7d6e5f4g3' is generated. Each consent ID will be created while onbording for 'Service C' and 'Service D'.

Thus, a user can have only one ARGOS ID and multiple consent ID.

1. Generating ARGOS ID

Generating ARGOS ID includes KYC submission and it needs to be done only one time for users. Depending on the accout used for login, users who already have ARGOS ID shall move to 'verify wallet' process, and for those without ARGOS ID, KYC process will begin.

After 'login -> touching button', a new browser page will be opened to process KYC. It should be proceeded with mobile devices. If tried with PC, a QR code will show, it's posible to continue after scanning QR code. Using Chrome/Safari/Samsung Internet/Edge/Whale/Opera/Firefox browser is recommended.

Users have to go through 3 steps, take a picture of ID document -> take selfie -> claim address. When KYC is approved, a ARGOS ID will be created.

2. Connecting Wallet Address(*Optional)

Users done creating ARGOS ID will meet 'connecting wallet' process.

User will have to link as many wallet addresses as set in the project option. Wallet address will be extracted through Metamask/Wallet Connect/Phantom, supported networks are as follows.



Ethereum(ETH), Binance Smart Chain(BNB), Polygon(MATIC),Klaytn(KLAY)

Wallet Connect

Ethereum(ETH), Binance Smart Chain(BNB), Polygon(MATIC),Klaytn(KLAY)



3. Consenting on Data Transfer

After completing a profile by getting KYC approval and verifying wallet address, users have to make consent on data transfer to the third party. This will be done by selecting the checkbox, the data shall be sent out right after the confirmation.

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