There are two main methods to authenticate with ARGOS ID, button and email.

1. Button

First is to add the ARGOS ID button. Service provider(client of ARGOS) should insert 'ARGOS ID' button to their UI via provided web SDK.

When the counterpart of the transfer is the user oneself, provide a button and let users verify themselves.

The button can be used to proceed ID verification and register whitelist, you can either add it to transfer process or build a seperate page to manage the whitelist.

Since it opens a modal window, it will prevent user transaction. Check out the details at Verify Via Button page!

2. Email

The second method is to send an email containing the AROGS ID button from 1.Button. Service provider should acquire the info of the counterpart from user, send a request containing the info to ARGOS via API, the counterpart will recieve an email from ARGOS, and the counterpart will start verification process.

Email method is appropriate for both when the transaction involves one or more than two users.

And it's also for verifying ID and registering whitelist, the service provider should make a way to receive counterpart's information(email address) from user.

When the email recipient clicks the button, ARGOS ID modal window will oepn for verification. Check out the details at Verify Via Button page!

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