ARGOS ID Dashboard: https://board.argoskyc.com

ARGOS ID dashboard enables you to create a project, check the ID info and aml results and set project options by yourself.

To explore ARGOS ID, please visit the above link and create an account. If you need to open a project as a 'Customer Due Deligence' manager(Super Admin), move to 1. Opening a Project. If you just want to view existing project, create an account and ask the Super Admin for a permission.

1. Opening a Project

Once you are logged in, you will see the 'Project List' page. Projects created by your account or projects given permission to your account will be listed. If empty, click '+' to start creating one.

Newly opened project will have 'Trial' status and will be given 14 days of test period. The status will change from 'Trial' to 'Closed' after 14 days, so if you are satisfied with our product, please contact ARGOS Sales Team.

One account can open up to 5 projects.

※The 'Email' from the 'Project Info' will be informed as a contact point to users when the project has a problem. So we recommend to register CS email.

Project will run after domail registration.

Domain registration will be done during the business hours, contact customer support for progress check.

2. Project List

At the 'Project List' page, you will see projects which you have access to.

3. User Profile

At 'User Profile' tab, user information will be listed who have done consenting.

3-1. User Profile Detail

3-1-1. User Info

We provide a toggle button to swich the time zone at the top of the page. ARGOS display all data based on Coordinated Universal Time(UTC +0) basically, but we also transfer to the 'browser time' for your convinience.

When you activate the toggle(color on) time will be expressed based on UTC +0, when you disactivate it will follow your browser's time zone.

The button is found throughout the dashboard, once you set it on, it will remain activated after you move to another page.

3-1-2. Type of Address

ARGOS expresses user's address in two type of format. First is the text format address which is exactly as users typed in, including the language. Global code is a coded address where user pointed a pin on the map during the address verification process.

3-2. Downloading the Auth Data

At 'User Profile', click the 'Download' button for auth data. It will return a csv format file of whole data(Not filtered ones). The file includes 'projectId', 'argosId', 'nationality', 'authTime', 'consentId', birthDate', 'aml_screen(only when exists)' columns. For protection purpose, personal information data won't be provided in the file. You can get massive personal data with GET API.

3-3. Filter

A filter located on the top of 'User Profile' page enables you to filter auth data by date, Consent ID, other text and nationality. The date follows UTC +0 time zone, regardless of the toggle button activation explained at 3-1-1. User Info. And conditions entered in each box are searched with 'AND' conditions.

3-4. AML Result

4. AML Reports

In the AML Report tab, a separate list of users with AML matching results is displayed. Number in 'Matches' column means the authed user has how many matching profile from the risky person database. The 'Risk Level' reflects the highest level.

If you click the arrow on the left, it will unfold the list. The icon on the right will download the AML report. We do not provide batch download in dashboard, use API when necessary.

5. Event Logs

At 'Event Logs' tab, AML/Access/Deletion logs are listed.

  • APPROVE_ACCESS: Granting permission to view the project

  • REMOVE_ACCESS: Delete permission to view the project

  • AMLHIGH_RISK: High risk AML screening result

  • AUTHENTICATION_DELETE: Deleted auth data

6. Setting

6-1. Access Manage

First tab of 'Setting' part is 'Access Manage', you can control two type of access.

First is IP address whitelist manage. ARGOS ID provides IP whitelist for both dashboard and API.

When you type in the IP address and save it, data will be accessable only from the registered IP. When it's empty, it won't block any access by IP.

Whitelist vs Blacklist

Whitelist only allows pre-registered or appvoed ones to pass. When IP whitelist is set, it is possible to approch to the data only through the listed IP.

On the other hand, blacklist is to block un-registered ones. If IP blacklist is set, access from all IP address is possible except for the listed IP.

At 'Administrator' part, you can manage the accounts who can view the project.

There are two types of role.

  • Super Admin: This role is given to the account who created the project by default, super admin can view and modify project options. One project can have only one super admin.

  • Viewer: Who can view the project but can not modify the options.

To add viewers, the super admin should enter the name and email, click '⮟' button and click save button.

To change the super admin, super admin should change the role of one of viewers.

The difference between super admin seen screen and viewer seen screen is as above.

6-2. Project Info

Project Status Trial: 14 days of trial period given after project creation Closed: When trial period is over or contract is closed, the status turns into 'Closed' and furter user authentication is unavailable. Service: Serviced status

Logo The uploaded image will be reflected on the modal window.

Email When there is a problem due to status chage to 'Closed' etc, this email will be informed to users for CS purpose. We recommend to register CS email.

6-3. Project Option

Blockchains Selection You can choose the type of wallet address to obtain during the authentication process. Select by swiching on/off the toggle buttons, only selected one will appear on the modal window. ※You can either set the network option at the dashboard or by codes when you need dynamic option. The code has higher priority than dashboard.

AML Option Set AML option. Depending on the option at the time of authentication, the AML result is displayed or not.

6-4. Webhook

You can register a webhook URL to get notification. Webhook will be delivered when:

  • User consented

  • AML screened

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