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ARGOS ID process is divided into 3 steps, 1. KYC -> 2. Verify Wallet -> 3. Auth. Each step works most efficiently in a different environment, we recommend proceeding KYC on mobile web, verify wallet on PC web and the 'Auth' part can be done on either mobile or PC.

Since ARGOS ID operates in 'modal', you may need to restart from the login process when the page is refreshed.

Sign in with SNS Account

Since ARGOS ID supports the OAuth protocol, you can sign in by connecting your SNS account. You may choose among Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Kakao, Line, or you can also start with Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Apple, GitHub or WeChat by clicking the arrow.

Complete KYC

Once you are logged in, you need to complete KYC for the next step. Please refer to the KYC Process page for a detailed guide. You will see images below while you are 'KYC uncompleted', 'KYC in progress' and 'KYC completed'.

Check Wallet Network

After KYC approval, you need to connect wallet. Before you get started, it is good to check the required network and wallet you need.

On the top of ARGOS ID modal, you will see verified wallets. When there is nothing connected yet, 'Not verified yet' will be seen. In the middle, you will see the required blockchain networks and status. The number of the needed network varies depending on the project option. At the bottom, you will seea network chosen for verification and available wallets.

Check the connectable wallets by the network. Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Klaytn and Polygon are verifiable with Metamask and WalletConnect, but Solana is only supported by Phantom.

Verify Wallet

Before you start...

If you installed the extension program newly(Metamask, WalletConnect, Phantom), it may keep redirecting the page to the download ones. It happens when the browser doesn't recognize the installed program, so please refresh the page and proceed.

Verify with Metamask

Let's take an example with Chrome & Metamask. First, check the needed network at ARGOS ID modal window. Then in the middle at 'Choose Network' section, checked the chosen network. When needed, click to change. If a new pop-up opens from Metamask extension, click 'Switch Network' to switch. Once you're done with setting the network, click Metamask for authentication.

*If there is no response, press 'ALT + Tab' to check if the window is open but hidden. During the signing process, all you need to do is to verify the information and click on the 'Sign' button. Wait for a second untill the completion message pops up.

Now you will see an wallet at 'Verified Wallets' place, the status of network has been changed.

Since it's 'a wallet address at a sign', you will have to repeat these process as many times as the number of chains.

Verify with Wallet Connect(PC) - Hard Wallet Ledger

With Wallet Connect, it's available to access veriaty of wallets other than Metamask and Phantom. Let's try verifying a Ledger wallet form PC.

Click 'Wallet Connect' at ARGOS ID modale window select 'Dsktop' - 'Ledger'. When the 'Ledger Live' program is turned on, follow the instruction of Ledger and complete the authentication process.

And then, chose a network, complete signing. In the above image, you can see a Etherium network wallet verified through Wallet Connect.

Phantom Wallet

To download the Phantom wallet, please click on the browser button, not the Download one on the right top.

Subsequent process is as of the Metamask.

If you are done connecting the wallets, it's almost there!

All procedures are completed by consenting on data provision to the third party, who is a client of ARGOS and also the provider of a service you are willing to use.

If you have verified all 5 network as the image above, you will be able to skip KYC or connecting wallet process from next time.

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