Project info

1. Project ID

A unique value given to each project.

2. Status

Trial: 14 days of trial period, it starts from creation of the project Closed: When trial period is over or contract is closed, the status turns into 'Closed' and furter user authentication is unavailable Service: Serviced status


It's a password to access the DB, so please keep it confidential. Click the button on the right side to copy.

4. Name

The name typed in here will be displayed to distinguish the projects. It will be linked to project list at dashboard, the central page where users can manage their own digital ID and email templete when verifying via email.

5. Email

It's an email address for customer service when an unexpected error stops verification process.(For example, if the status changes to 'Closed' after the trial period, further authentication won't be available and a notice will be displayed as shown above)

The uploaded logo will be reflected in the ARGOS ID modal window and email template if you use email method.

7. Color

Customize the color of modal window. Change the color foramt by clicking the arrow button. 'Main' color will be applied at the uppter bar, 'Sub' will change the colors inside the buttons.

8. Domain Whitelist

Registering a domain whitelist means allowing access from the domain for security purpose.

The email method will use ARGOS's dmain which is registered already. (Enter your homepage domain etc...) But when you go by button method, register the domain of a page where you will place the 'ARGOS ID' button. It will take about 1 business day to complete the registration, so please wait a moment.

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