Getting Started


  • Using ARGOS API, you can download the detailed inquiry of the KYB data submitted by the customer and the KYB Report in PDF format.

  • ARGOS API uses RESTful Endpoints and the default HTTP Method.

  • The response data contains the status of the request and possible error codes.

  • All response data is provided as JSON format.

  • Use token authentication.

  • All requests must be made in HTTPS. HTTP requests will fail.


  • The API uses Token-based authentication.

  • To get started with API, you need a valid Key. Please obtain an API key at the dashboard.

Authenticate with HTTP Headers

You can send your API key with your query as an HTTP header. The API Key should be included in the method request header as 'x-api-key: {yourAPIKey}'.

curl -H "x-api-key: {yourAPIKey}" ""

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