Through ARGOS API, you can query the 'authentication-completed' profile data. The profile contains KYC ID info, wallet addresses and 3rd party consent fact.

  • ARGOS API uses RESTful Endpoints and HTTP Method.

  • The response data includes request status and error codes.

  • All response data is provieded in JSON format.

  • Token-based authentication.

  • Require HTTPS for all requests, Http request will fail.

  • For API use, you need a valid API key which you can find at the dashboard.

HTTP Header Authorization

You need to send the API key as an HTTP header with the query. The API key must be included in the method request header as 'x-api-key: {yourAPIKey}'.

curl -H "x-api-key: {yourAPIKey}" ""

API Gateway Error

It responds with a generic HTTP response code. 2XX means success, 4XX is returned when there is an error in the passed data, 5XX will be returned when there is an error with ARGOS's server.

HTTP CodeMessageDescription


Invalid Query String parameters

Clients' errors such as invalid request syntax, invalid request message frame.


User is not authorized to access this resource with an explicit deny

Access denied due to IP blocking option.



Missing API key or invalid API key.


Request Entity Too Large

The request is grater than the capacity of server.


Internal Server Error

It might be ARGOS server error. Please contact ARGOS team.


Bad Gateway

The server received an invalid response from the upstream server.

API Limit

Each API keys have limitations as below.

  • Maximum requests per second: 5,000 calls

  • Maximum requests per day: 200,000 calls (Reset daily at midnight based on UTC +0.)

ARGOS ID('argos_id')

  • 'argosid' will be created when ARGOS KYC is approved, it can be used to inquire someone with specific identity information.

  • 'argosid' is created based on name, birthdate, gender and nationality.

  • One 'argosid' can have multiple authentication records, 'list' may be returned by calling 'argosid'.

  • 'consent_id' is created with data transfer consent after creating 'argosid'.

  • One authentication record can only have one 'consent_id', a single record is returned.

  • 'argosid', approved KYC data, wallet address, AML result, auth date and expiry date of the 'argosid' will return.

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