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At this page, we'd like to explain what values ARGOS ID provides to service providers(businesses) and how the service providers can use it properly.

What is ARGOS ID?

ARGOS ID is an ID verifying solition which helps to build a truly liberated WEB 3.0 environment. In industries such as virtual assets and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where anonymity holds back its progress, ARGOS ID make you free from the regulations and side effects by clarifying users identity.

ARGOS ID verifies users' identity through their ID document and face image in the WEB 3.0 field where it takes 'anonymousness' as its first feature. And moreover, to make our client meet the compliance, we also collect unhosted wallet addresses.

ARGOS ID not only clarifies users' primary info such as name, date of birth and nationality, but also physical address and unhosted wallet addresses(Account Number), and processes AML screening. These data enable our customer stay compliant from regulations represented by the Travel Rule, also allow them to fulfill the obligation without building massive system or hiring staffs.

Various Verification Type

ARGOS ID offers a variety of authentication options that satisfies clients in different industries. For VASPs, we provide solution concentrating on Travel Rule. For DAO or Web 3.0 gaming industries, we make it possible to filter out the duplicate users. And lastly we even provide options to certify possession of virtual assets.

Work with ARGOS ID what kind of industries you are at, we will be happy to solve your problem!

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