Argos KYC
Condition of a valid ID
On this page, we will define a 'Valid ID'.

1. Should contain face photo, full name, date and year of birth.

A valid ID document must include face photo, full name, date and year of birth.
If necessary information is divided into the front and back of your ID card, please take pictures of both sides.

2. Should be printed in Alphabet, 한글, 漢字, 日本語, Кириллица.

ID cards written in other languages may be rejected. But if the approvable character is written aside, it is acceptable.
Also, ID information must be printed on the document. Handwritten IDs will be rejected.

3. Should not be expired.

Expired IDs will be rejected.

4. Should be issued from the government.

IDs other than passport, driver's license, government IDs will be rejected, such as students cards, employee IDs, civil service cards, various membership cards, etc.

5. Characters should be recognizable.

Worn-out or damaged IDs can be rejected.
*Types of acceptable IDs may vary. Please check the submission page.
Last modified 2mo ago