Argos KYC
How to implement Argos KYC?
Note. This page describes how the client company and KYC applicants use the Argos service.
Client companies implement Argos KYC + AML service, and KYC applicants submit their identity information to access the client company’s service/products.

Client company implements Argos services to onboard users.

a. Client company can choose from the following options to implement Argos services.

  • Argos Form Basic - a default KYC submission form URL will be provided. Client company inserts the given URL on their service page.
  • Argos API Basic - The client company builds its own KYC submission page and posts user’s identification data directly to Argos via API. A unique API key will be issued and no separate KYC submission form URL will be provided.
  • Argos Form Live - an Argos Live Form URL will be provided. Client company inserts the given URL on their service page. When accessed from a non-mobile device, a QR Code will be provided so the applicant can continue the process from mobile web pages.
b. The results of Argos KYC + AML screening are available in two ways:
  • API - Call KYC and AML screening results via API. See also the easy-to-use Webhook service.
  • Dashboard - An account will be issued for a client company. You can use this account to check the results of KYC + AML screening from Argos dashboard. See the Dashboard Guide for more information.

Users - go through the following onboarding steps to access client company’s service/product.

KYC submission - Pending

  • Argos Form Basic- Users submit 1. identity information, 2. ID document photo, and 3. selfie holding the submitted ID document.
  • Argos Form Live - User submits 1. ID document photo and 2. face photo. (Live Form URL displays a QR Code when accessed from a desktop to continue the process from a mobile device.)

KYC success - Approved

Users who passed KYC will be notified by email. The onboarding process is completed with the KYC approval.

KYC failure- Rejected

  • Users who fail KYC will be informed of KYC rejection via email. In case of KYC rejection, the user must resubmit KYC information for onboarding.
For details of KYC applicant email notification, refer to the client company's options settings.
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