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South Korean Registration Number Masking
Everyone who has an ID issued from South Korean government has the unique 13 identification number(Jumin-deunglogbeonho). The first 6 digits represent DoB and the last 7 digits are government-given.
Government ID example
According to the Korean 'Personal Information Protection Act', general companies can not collect all 13 numbers.
*VASP(Virtual Asset Service Provider)s should decide whether to collect them all or not after reviewing related laws.
Therefore, Argos KYC provides an auto-masking option for legal support. We cover the last 7 digits in unrecognizable form and save the image.
Auto-masking example
If one of our clients does not collect the last 7 digits and uses a form that does not support auto-masking, and an ID card is submitted as uncovered, we will reject this KYC.
Also, it is up to our client's decision whether to delete the uncovered image or not.
Last modified 2mo ago
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