Argos KYC
KYC+AML screening process
Note, this page describes the Argos KYC+AML screening process.
Argos provide 2 type of KYC Service. (Form & API)
If you select form service, We will provide Argos KYC form URL to you.
When user use Argos KYC form in desktop device, QR Code page will be displayed to guide user smart phone.
Argos KYC receives the following information from KYC applicants:
1. Photo of ID document(Level 1) 2. Identity information (Level 1) 2. Face photo (Level 1) 3. Residential address information collection (Level 2-a) 4. Proof of residence (Level 2-b)
*Please refer to the Client company option settings to learn more about KYC Level.
After receiving the KYC information from the applicant, the following process begins.

ID Classification & Template OCR

  • Compare the submitted ID document photos to Argos global ID document database to classify the matching ID document format.
  • Extracts and digitizes information such as Name, Gender, Nationality, andDate of birth from matched ID documents using Template OCR technology.
  • The final data will be saved through OCR Validation to see if the extracted information is accurate without errors.

Face Comparison

  • Extract the face image from the submitted ID document photo.
  • Determine the Similarity between the user's face photo and the submitted ID document profile photo.


  • Check the Liveness score from the submitted face photo.

IP Address Extract

  • When using the Argos Form, each KYC applicant’s IP Location is collected and allows tracking the approximate location of the apllicant. (*If you submit KYC application information via IP address extraction cannot be supported.)

KYC Agent Review

  • A KYC processing agent will conduct a detailed manual review of KYC application that are not automatically processed.
  • This corrects errors that may occur in the user's KYC submission process and increases the approval rate of the valid KYC applications.

AML Screening

  • Determines whether a person has money laundering and/or terrorist financing risk based on the Watch List searches on KYC-approved applicants.
  • AML Screening checks the similarity between the AML database search result and KYC-approved applicant information.
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