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KYC + AML Service Overview
Note. This page explains an overview of the Argos KYC + AML services
KYC + AML screening is a combination of Know Your Customer and Anti-money Laundering Watch List screening.
When onboarding a user, a client company can collect his identity information through KYC and conduct AML screening afterwards.
For the sake of convenience, Argos provides integrated services for both KYC and AML screening.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC is to obtain one’s accurate identity information on the official identification card. Oftentimes Name, Nationality, Gender, Date of Birth are obtained to identify a certain user. Also, to verify that you are the true holder of the submitted identification document, Argos utilizes Face Comparison technology to check the consistency with the photo on the identification card. Additional information(e.g. Document Number, Residence ) collection is also supported.

Anti Money Laundering(AML) Watch List Screening

Anti-money laundering screening is to distinguish risk personnel from those who are safe to trade with. This screening process checks whether the KYC applicant matches with the person in the AML database. The AML screening result classifies each applicant into different AML risk groups. Client companies may prevent money laundering by deciding who will be on-boarded immediately and who will be reviewed in detail. Argos AML database contains a variety of AML data, including the Global Sanctions List (SAN) and the Politically Exposed Person (PEP) .

Integration Method between KYC and AML

Argos acquires the following information for each one KYC Approved user:
  • Name(First Name & Last Name), Nationality, Date of Birth
Based on the three parameters, a matching person will be searched from the AML database. Please refer to the AML Screening Threshold for the criteria for matching people in this process.
According to the matching result, the submission data is divided into two Risk levels: Not Screened and Red Flag.
  • Not Screened: It is indicated as N/S, meaning that there is no matching risk person.
  • Red Flag: It means that the matching risk person with AML Database. The person with the highest risk from an AML point of view requires careful review of the AML Report. Each person has a unique Argos Number, and information about that person can be viewed on the Dashboard along with the Argos AML Report. Within Red Flag, it is also classified as follows according to the importance of the matching person.
    • High : Sanction List, Financial Regulator, Law Enforcement, PEP
    • Medium : PEP by Association, SI-LT Disqualified Director, Insolvent
    • Low : Adverse Media
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