Argos KYC(EN)
KYC Form Type
There are 2 types of Argos KYC form.

1. Live-form

Submit KYC by taking the submitter's ID card and selfie picture in real-time on the web page.
The first advantage of Live-form is that it has less possibility of identity theft as it takes pictures in real-time. We use to set policies to prevent theft like "take a selfie with ID card" or "take a selfie with a memo", but Live-form can replace those hurdles.
Second, we can design a more positive customer experience. Because information on ID cards is automatically extracted through OCR, it helps to reduce the tiring process of typing information one by one.
Third, it supports auto-masking of the last 7 digits of the resident number for Korean ID cards. If the 7 digits should not be collected according to the Personal Information Protection, it will be auto covered. This will increase the convenience of Korean ID cards submitters and reduce the rate of KYC rejection. Supported IDs are Korean national ID(Jumin-deunglogjeung), Driver's license and passport.
Fourth, you can display it as your page by logo-customization.
Live form submission process

2. Argos form(API)

Submit KYC by submitting pictures that are already taken. At Argos form, to reduce the risk of identity theft, we collect a selfie taken with ID card.
The advantage of Argos form is that you can form the submission page as you need. Keep the tone consistent by designing UI by yourself. Also, it is a suitable form for collecting additional information such as occupation/purpose of use/source of funds, etc.


One KYC project for one form type. You need to run both projects seperately in case you need both of them.

3. Live form VS Argos form(API)

Live form
Argos form
real-time taken
taken before
OCR support
South Korean registraion number auto masking
Logo customization
Data list customization
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