Argos KYC(EN)
Client options
This page describes the client options. If there is no request, the operation policy will be set as the default value.

1. KYC Level (Required)

  • L1: Collect identity information & Selfie
  • L2-A: Collect identity information & Selfie & Address
  • L2-B: Collect identity information & Selfie & Address & Proof of Address

Default: None. Mandatory requirement.

2. KYC Form type (Required)

  • Live-form: Submit KYC taking pictures in real-time
  • Argos form(API): Submit KYC with taken pictures
*Please check detailed explanation on KYC form type page.

Default: None. Mandatory requirement.

3. AML Threshold

This number determines how much similar information shall be filtered doing AML screening. If you raise the number, the result might be more accurate but at the same time, the chance of missing dangerous person also raises. If you lower the number, the possibility of missing a suspicious person reduces but you might have to review too many AML reports.
*Please check detailed explanation on AML Screening Threshold page.

Default: 90

4. Logo Customization (Form Design)

You can add your brand logo to the submission page. Only jpeg, jpg, png files are applicable.

5. Privacy policy & Terms of use (Form Design)

Link Privacy policy and Terms of use to KYC submission page. Users have to check the box to continue.

Default: No privacy policy & terms of use

6. Email Verification (Form Design)

When email verification is set, users can submit KYC after entering a verification code delivered via email.
If you don't want to use this option, email address should be included to form URL as a query. Please check detailed explanation on 'How to use form' page.

Default: No email verification

7. ApprovePeriod (Form Design)

This option is to prevent duplicated submissions from the same user.
During the period, a user whose KYC is already appvoed, can not re-submit a KYC and it works based on email address. For example, if the 'approvperiod' is 7 days, a person who has passed the KYC process can't try to submit KYC for 7 days. (There may be a few duplicate submissions due to time difference.)

Default: 7 days

8. ID type (Form Design)

  • Government ID
  • Driver's License
  • Passport: International only, internal passports are not included.
Users can check the acceptable ID type on the submission page, and if unselected ID is submitted, the KYC will be rejected.

Default: Government ID, Driver's License, Passport

9. Black-List Countries (Form Design)

Designate countries that you do not want to accept KYC according to your operation policy.

Default: FATA high risk and monitored countries.

10. Redirection page (Form Design)

Link a website you want for the button on KYC submission completion page.

11. Webhook (Notification)

A notification for KYC submission, approval, rejection is sent by webhook. If you want to get notifications, please let us know the URL. A webhoook message will be sent as follows.
  • KYC submission completed - Pending
  • KYC approved - Approved
  • KYC rejected - Rejected
  • AML screening completed - Completed

Default: URL not registered.

12. Email Notification (Notification)

It is to notify the KYC applicants about the KYC progress(submission completed, approved, rejected).
Write the template in HTML code, deliver it to Argos. Check the basic template on Email Notification page

Default: Send email notification.

13. Email BCC (Notification)

It is to send BCC(Blind Carbon Copy) mail to our Client in case they want to get the same email notice as the KYC applicants. If you want to use this option, deliver your email address to Argos KYC.

Default: Do not send BCC emails.

14. Age Limit

Set a minimum age to accept KYC submissions. The minimum age is 13 years old.

Default: 18 Years old.

15. South Korean Residential Number

For the IDs issued by South Korea(Republic of Korea), you have to decide whether you want to collect the full residential number. Check detailed explanation on

Default: Do not collect the last 7 digits of residential numbers. If a KYC is submitted through a form that does not support auto-masking, and the last 7 digits are not covered, the KYC will be rejected.

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