Argos KYC(EN)
KYB process and report
When the corporate identity verification is completed, a KYB report will be issued. This page introduces the process and results of KYB report.

1. Collecting documents

After confirming that all necessary documents have been submitted through the KYB form, Argos will directly communicate with the target corporation for additional documents. You don't have to go through a complicated document collection process, just wait for the KYB report to be completed!

2. Identification of the corporate and individuals

Once the documents are all collected, identification and AML screening of all related individuals and corporation will be conducted. When all processes are completed, a KYB report is created.

3. KYB report

Argos' KYB report contains all information about the target corporation.
From basic information such as registration name/registration address/registration number to the executives and equity structure, AML screening results, we deliver it in an integrated version of the report.
KYB report example 01
KYB report example 02
KYB report example 03
KYB report example 04
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