Argos KYC(EN)
KYB Dashboard
Argos provides a dashboard to check the KYB processing process and results. This page briefly describes what information can be found on the dashboard.
Argos provides a dashboard that allows customers to check the KYB process and results. Through this dashboard, customers can directly check which corporation has applied, how far is progressed, the submitted documents, real time report download included.

1. Log and statistics

Argos' KYB dashboard allows you to check the reception details for each target corporation and approval details in chronological order. You can also check the logs for each of the newly received, completed, newly registered executives, approved executives, newly registered shareholders, and approved shareholders by setting conditions.
You can see the overall progress of the KYB service at a glance through the graph. Express the current quantity and the approved quantity for the total number of submissions, respectively.
In addition, you can check the submission link on the main screen of the dashboard, link of customer support page at the bottom right as well, so you can get all the additional information you need within one page.
KYB dashboard main page

2. View details

In the KYB Data tab, you can check the information on each submission. The basic information of the corporation and the status of KYB progress are displayed, and you can download the KYB report. Through the search function, you can easily find the needed information.
KYB data page
On the Datail page, you can check the basic information of the selected corporation and the status of KYB processing, can also read the documents yourself.
At the top, basic information such as representative name and address, KYB status, and processing status graph are shown. If you click "View Company Profile," you can directly check the documents submitted by the target corporation.
At the bottom, information on executives and shareholders is summarized. We also provide a list of executives and shareholder information who holds more than 25% of shares, as well as a tree chart to make it easier to understand the equity structure.
Datail info page basic information

3. KYB report download

After the KYB procedure is completed, a notification will be sent to the registered person by e-mail. If you received one, you can download and check the results with one click on the KYB dashboard.
Just press the purple button on the KYB Data tab, without requesting it or receiving it by email.
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