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[South Korea]Authentication API Overview
This page outlines Authentication API service.

1. Authentication API Service

Argos KYC Authentication API is an on-time service that checks the authenticity of South Korean Driver's license and government ID(Jumin-deunglogjeung) by combining ID info and personal info.
The collected information is compared to the government database. Through this procedure, Argos KYC clarifies whether the information is actually registered.
Authentication API service works as theft prevention of ID cards and personal information. This is because forged identities cannot find matching results in government databases.
Passed authenticity means "confirmed identity information of an existing person."

2. Service Process

Argos KYC only provides Authentication API service by API method.
We get the combined information of ID and identity via API, compare them with the government database. Please refer to the developer guide page for the required parameters.
If there is a matched result between posted information and the government database, authentication is completed, the result will be delivered as API response. Please refer to the developer guide page for result values.

3. Why Argos KYC Authentication API

ID theft prevention

Argos KYC Athentication API service compares the ID information with the government database. We check if there is matching data with collected personal info and detect forged ID cards.
This is because if you tamper with someone else's ID card or create one that does not exist, you can not pass authentication since there's no matching information in the government database.

Ease to initialize

Argos KYC Athentication API service does not require additional development or software installation. You can simply get and post information with API and check the results within seconds.

*Data Source

ID Type
Data Source
Web page
Government ID
Ministry of the Interior
and Safety
Driver's license
Korean National Police Agency
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