Argos KYC
Introduction of Argos KYC
Note. This page explains an overview of the Argos Services
Argos provides service to help you to identity Anyone Anywhere Anytime Provide simple KYC implementation for identity verification

Know your customer : AI-Powered Identity Verification

Argos KYC empowers clients to deliver seamless digital onboarding experience. Build your identity management system around your business goals and offer your customers a smooth, hassle-free KYC experience.

Argos KYC Service Features

    ID Document Check - Argos KYC provide Template OCR - About 1,400 ID information is auto-extracted with OCR(optical character recognition) - Argos global ID database supports over 5,000 ID documents from 180+ countries
    Biometric Check - AI-powered face recognition and comparison. Let's meet Argos Face verification - Liveness check (ISO 30107 Level 1 & 2 certified) Go to Argos Liveness
    Proof of address Check - Verify KYC applicant’s residential address - Supported documents: tax bill, bank statements, utility bills, rent agreement, etc.
Argos Service flow

Know Your Business : Build Trust with your business partner

Easier and more cost-effective way to know your partner, vendor, or trader. Minimize your risk with Argos Know Your Business (KYB) service.

How it works?

STEP 01 : Insert KYC Page Link to your service page or application
STEP 02 : KYC applicant submit KYB document via KYB service page
STEP 03 : Get corporate AML report along with screening result from Argos KYB Dash board
Argos KYB Dashboard

Scope of Argos KYB service

a. Identification of KYB corporate applicant’s Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) b. Understanding the structure of KYB corporate applicant c. KYB submission page service d. Corporate AML screening e. Argos handles the entire communication with KYB applicants

Anti Money Laundering : Watch List Screening

Argos AML Screening delivers relevant, timely and accurate AML & CFT data from credible sources. We enable our clients to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing through their channel.

Why do I need AML screening?

1. Compliance with international AML standards

    Following international AML standards set by FATF, it is becoming increasingly important to comply with anti-money laundering laws and to determine money laundering and terrorist financing risks prior to establishing business relationship.
    Argos AML database includes global sanctions lists, and information on global politically exposed persons(PEPs) and their associates.
    Our database also includes reputational risk and adverse media coverage.

Why Argos AML Screening?

Most up-to-date global AML database
Get real-time AML reports on risk profiles
Argos AML screening supports multiple languages
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