Liveform Guide

Language Setting

The default language of Liveform page follows the browser setting, and the browser language is linked to device language in most cases.
If you want to change the default language, please refer to Liveform default language guide.
When necessary, users can change the language by themselves.

Image Submission

There are two ways to submit images while KYC process.
CASE 01: When the camera is activated, take a picture. CASE 02: If you see the '+' button, select an image and upload it.

Take ID Image

STEP 01: Take a clear picture of the ID without any obstruction such as light reflection etc... STEP 02: User will confirm if the image is clear enough. ※An error message might pop up when an inappropriate ID image is taken.

Take Selfie Image

STEP 01: Place your face accordingly and take a picture. (When a face is too big or small, face detection might not be available.) STEP 02: User will confirm if the image is clear enough. STEP 03: Process 'Face Compare' and Liveness check. STEP 04: If either face comparison or liveness check fails, retry process will begin.

Address Collection

When a project is set to collect address, users will have to search the approximate location first and then have 'pin' the exact address.
STEP 01: Type in your address and search. STEP 02: When address is selected from the dropdown box, the map will focus on the searched location. STEP 03: Find the exact location and touch it to 'pin'. STEP 04: Type in your detail address.

Address Proof

When a project is set to poove address, users will have to submit a document prooving their addess and type in the address.
STEP 01: Address proof page will be opened. STEP 02: Touch 'Click Here' button. Take a picture when the camera is activated or else select and upload an image. STEP 03: Type in your address as written in the document.