KYC Dashboard
Argos KYC Ver 2.0 Dashboard Address:

Give Access to the Dashboard

The process of using the Argos KYC dashboard proceeds in the order of 'Create account -> Authorization -> Accessible'. The very first permission should be given through the Help Desk(Let us know your account information), after that, anyone with permission can give access to their members.

Acquire the Information

You can check for the basic information to use Argos' service such as Liveform URL, API key... at the dashboard setting tab.

1. Dashboard

KYC Statistics

Argos KYC provides various statistics charts at the 'Dashboard' tab. Approved rate, gender and age of the applicants, submission counts by days, AML statistics, nationality charts are supported. You can check KYC operation data at a glance.
Dashboard tab - Charts example

'Refresh' Button

We provide 'Refresh' button to check the real-time data. The last updated time is marked, so if necessary, just press the button and check the latest data without waiting for synchronization.

2. Submissions

Download KYC data

You can download the project's KYC data as CSV file. Nationality, date of birth, submission date, KYC status, AML result, email address, submission ID, gender, name columns are provided.

Search Filter

You can search the data by applicants' name, email address, nationality, and submission periods. Enter the condition you want and press the 'Search' button.
*Nationality should be entered as IOS 3 digit code.

KYC List

Submitted KYCs information is listed. Name, created time, ID type, email address, nationality, date of birth, KYC status data will be provided. You can also sort each element by clicking them.

Detail Page

Click the 'Detail' button you want to check on the submission list, a pop-up of full information will show up.

PDF Download

You can download the KYC report of one submission with clicking the 'PDF Download' button.

Applicant Info

You can check the submission data such as submitted time, submission ID, type of ID, form type, applicant's email address, issuing country, KYC status, AML status.

ID Document

Submitted ID image is displayed.

Text Data

Identity information is shown. OCR Data, Input Data, Final Data are separately displayed.
OCR Data: OCR-extracted data.
Input Data: User input data.
Final Data: Last updated data. If manual review has proceeded, it might be edited by a reviewer.


Submitter's selfie image is displayed.

Selfie Score

Face Similarity Score: Face similarity between the ID photo and selfie.
Liveness Score: Liveness score.

Address Image

When address-proof option is set, the image of the submitted document is displayed.
Address Information
When address-collect option is set, the collected address data will be shown.

3. AML Reports

When using AML service, AML results only page will be provided.

Search Filter

You can search the data by submission ID, email address, name, date of birth and screening periods. Enter the condition you want and press the 'Search' button.
*Nationality should be entered as IOS 3 digit code.

AML List

AML Screened time, submission ID, email address, name, nationality, Risk Level, number of matched icons are listed.
When you click the submission ID, the KYC detail page will pop up. If you click the other areas, you can see detailed AML information. Click the 'Report' button to download AML report as PDF file.

4. Events

This page shows logs about fraud, AML warning, submission deletion. Types of events are as follows.
AML Red Flag: There is AML screening result.
Submission Deleted: KYC data is deleted.
Face Image Fraud: Liveness failed.
Identity Fraud: Authentication of South Korean ID has failed.

5. Setting

Granting Access

Initial member of each project must be authorized through the Helpdesk.
① On the KYC dashboard, go to the Setting tab after entering the project you want to grant access to.
② Enter the email for the account you want to grant access to.
③ Enter the name of the Administrator
④ Make sure to click on arrow button to add an Email account on the list.
⑤ To withdraw the account from the Administrator list, click the ‘-’ bottom to remove from the list.
⑥ Make sure to click ‘Save’ bottom after making changes.

IP white-listing on the KYC Dashboard

① Click setting tab on KYC dashboard after entering the project you want to assign IP address.
② Make sure to click ‘Add’ button after entering the IP address you want to grant access.
-Dashboard Access Whitelist: Specify the IP address that can access the following project.
-API Access Whitelist: Specify the IP address that can access the API of the following project.
③ Check if the IP address has been added properly, and press ‘X’ button to remove the IP address from the list.
  • Make sure to enter a valid IP address in the right format.
④ Click ’Save’ button after making changes.