Liveform Guide

1. Liveform link

ARGOS KYC 2.0 Liveform submits KYC on the webpage. The client’s account information and KYC submission URL for the use of ARGOS KYC service will be delivered separately by the customer support team.
*Do not arbitrarily change the submission form URL! A normal submission process is impossible if the URL is changed due to the submitter’s email address encryption.
You can publish ARGOS form directly to HTML iFrame or add ARGOS form links to your webpage. The "projectid" of the ARGOS form URL is the unique ID of the customer company.
In order to inform the KYC processing process and results to a submitter by e-mail, you must check the submitter's e-mail address and include it in the URL parameter.
In case of collecting additional data, you can send it by including it in the Query String using the Custom field. To protect customer information, ARGOS KYC only supports HTTPS protocol.

2. KYC submission

Currently, Liveform can only be submitted on mobile devices with cameras attached. When you connect to the submission URL from a device such as a PC, a QR code is generated, and when QR code is captured by a mobile device, it leads to the submission page.
When a URL is called including an email address, a user can submit KYC without having to fill out a separate email. For example, if you use a link with '&email={email_address}' added at the end, the email entry process will be omitted when submitting KYC.
Ex)[email protected]
URL parameter
Default form URL{project_Id}
Form with Email URL{project_Id}&email={email}
If you need to check your Project ID, please contact HELPDESK.

3. Information that can be transmitted through Query String

Additional information sent to Query String is included in the response data value when calling the API. When calling API, you can create a unique user ID for identifying KYC submitters, and up to 3 custom fields can be added.
The Query String option can be applied to both ARGOS KYC API and Liveform, and all query string values must be encoded in the URL.
Unique ID given to each KYC submitter (≠submission ID)
pid={project_id}&[email protected]&userid=user12345
Custom Field 1
pid=xii11kt0kd&[email protected]&cf1=vip
Custom Field 2
pid=xii11kt0kd&[email protected]&cf1=vip&cf2=group2
Custom Field 3
pid=xii11kt0kd&[email protected]&cf1=vip&cf2=group2&cf3=europeancharter

4. Webpage default language

The Live Form webpage supports 8 languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Russian. You can set the default language exposed by adding lang parameters to the Liveform URL.
If it is not set up, it will be exposed as the default language of the device on mobile, browser language at PC.
  • Korean: "ko"
  • English: "en"
  • Chinese: "cn"
  • Spanish: "es"
  • Japanese: "jp"
  • Portuguese: "pt"
  • Vietnamese: "vn"
  • Russian: "ru"
As the example shows, please set the default language by inserting the lang parameter after the Liveform URL.
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