Where can I get the API key and Liveform URL?

At the dashboard - 'Setting' tab, API key and Liveform URL are displayed.

Submit Via API

When submitted an ID image, but no OCR response returned?

Please check if you submitted an ID image with four corners cut tightly.
For the OCR engine to read and extract the text, there should be a little bit of padding surrounding the ID. The OCR engine recognizes the square from the image, notices that 'from here to here it's the ID' then reads the information.

Getting Results

It Seems the Webhook Doesn't Arrive in Real-Time?

ARGOS notify the KYC status(Approved/Rejected/Pending) and AML result via webhook. We try our best to provide stable service, but sometimes, an unexpected error might occur.
If you are using webhook as a customer data update trigger, to not get bothered by errors, adding a process might help: when a webhook of a specific submission is not received for 'kyc.result' for a certain period of time after application, update customer information through API inquiry.

Multiple KYC submissions are returned for the same applicant(email).

A list of KYC submissions can be queried on one user(email). To reduce customer confusion and operate KYC cost-effectively, appropriate data should be selected.
Generally, we do not recommend syncing with the last submission or webhook data. Because when a user submits multiple KYCs, 'Rejected' status may follow after 'Approved' status(they are processed separately), or since Step 2 - tried 'incomplete' submissions will turn into 'rejected' after a few hours, you will receive belated webhook.
So, our recommendation is to sync with the (latest) 'approved' submission data.

Want to access through an internal firewall?

Please register the 3 addresses.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.

Want to know the IP address of ARGOS system?

Since ARGOS KYC provides services in a serverless environment, we do not have static IP. If internal security regulations require the use of IP-based firewalls, there is a case that implemented separate public relay servers.


Korean Government ID Authentication Caution

When processing Korean Government ID(Jumin-deunglogjeung) Authentication, if the information is entered incorrectly more than 5 times, the account will be locked. And no further try is available until it is unlocked by the user itself.
When an authentication account is locked, users have to unlock it by themselves.